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            Company Profile

            Dongguan qizhi hardware machinery co. LTD

            Was established in February 2010, our company has just set up is to do spare parts processing, give priority to with foreign clients, it is because of the spare parts with high quality, coupled with experienced locksmith and design team, that makes us in 2015 began to grope for mould manufacturing, and complete the transformation, currently has a mature production and marketing chain, we have a professional mold design and manufacturing team, the main use of AUTOCAD, UG, CATIA, AUTOFORM software for 2 d and 3 d mold design and simulation analysis, have perfect design and production standards to control the mold of the production process, to ensure the quality and delivery of the mold, most of them are in our team has 15 years experience in mold manufacturing of the bench.

            The enterprise culture

            "Quality first"

             "details determine success or failure, attitude determines results"

            Vision: automobile mould company with quality speech

            Constantly listen and meet customer demand, guide and exceed customer demand, win customer respect. 

            Through the promotion of corporate status and image, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride and earn respect from employees. 

            Promote healthy development of die industry, grow with partners and win respect of industry. 

            Pay attention to corporate responsibility, care for society, give back to society and win social respect.


            Our business philosophy:

            "No best, only better"

            "Provide customers with the most satisfactory service"

            Online consultation

            Consumer Hotline: