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            Development Path

            • 2017年01月

              Mold processing and processing, the annual output value of about 20 million yuan.

            • 2015年06月

              Mainly products: home appliances, automobile, connectors, such as metal mold parts processing and manufacturing.

            • 2014年04月

              Located in building D,Fuda industrial park,Zhangyang community, Zhangmutou,Dongguan,Guandong,China.The factory covers an area of about 2500 square meters, employed staff of 46 people, including management personnel 4 people, engineer 6 people, technical personnel 36 people.

            • 2013年06月

              In September 2012,founded QIZHI Precision mold (Hong Kong) CO., LTD.

            • 2010年02月

              In February 2010,founded Dongguan QIZHI Hardware Mechanical CO., LTD.

            • 2007年06月

              In June 2007, founded QIZHI mold processing shop.

            Online consultation

            Consumer Hotline: